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Product Industrialization

from design to manufacturing

Sheet metal fabrication technology and experience for materializing your ideas

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Tovotec was born in 2005 from the 30-year experience of the Tovo brothers in precision sheet metalworking.


Tovotec's main objective is to create a collaborative bond with customers to create a customized product that can fully satisfy their needs. Therefore, there is no standard metalwork product, but the real needs, requests and expectations of each customer are analyzed, to offer the ideal solution, dedicating the utmost care and scrupulousness in the realization of the finished product.


The term industrialization indicates the set of actions that starts from product design, taking into consideration the functional and design specifications, passes through the evaluation of the types of materials to be used and arrives at the creation of a real prototype  to be tested in its efficiency and durability. These are the essential steps, part of the industrialization process, in which Tovotec actively participates. The Tovotec Technical Office provides support in the design and suggests solutions in the sampling phase before proceeding with the production of the series.

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"Tovotec's ambition is to make its customers
win with their product."
Andrea Tovo, Tovotec General Manager
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tovotec is development

Each product is manufactured according to our values


Attention to detail makes the difference, and enhances the quality of the metalwork products we make. Tovotec aims to always achieve better results in metalworking.

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Our state-of-the-art machines allow high precision metal processing, optimizing costs, and reducing production waste as much as possible.

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Tovotec's engineers carefully choose the best metal processing technologies to be used; to combine greater flexibility in production with a good quality/price ratio.