tovotec lungimiranza


is innovation

The improvement of the present

comes from the vision of the future

"Tovotec's vision is to achieve a sheet metal fabrication with ZERO impact on the environment, ZERO consumption of electricity and 100% recycling of each material, always staying up to date on new technologies and with cutting-edge systems, to guarantee the highest level manufacturing. "
Andrea Tovo, Tovotec General Manager

Our path

Tovotec is born


Tovotec srl was founded in 2005 in Arquà Polesine, in the province of Rovigo, from the 10-year experience in the sheet metalworking sector of the Tovo brothers. The activity begins in a rented factory, and in 2008 the construction of a new 2000 square meter factory begins a few meters from the existing headquarters.

The know-how, the ability in innovation, and the competence in the design and processing of metals are immediately the key to our success.

New Headquarters


After the first 5 years of constant growth, the construction of the new plant is completed and Tovotec moves its headquarters to the new building.

The total area of 2000 square meters is divided into 1800 square meters for the production department and 200 square meters dedicated to the technical and administrative offices. The two areas interface directly and are only divided by a single window. The physical environment also reflects the care and attention we dedicate to the realization of projects and the metalwork production: white resin flooring to give a clear and clean look, like that of all the products we make.
Soon the production area expands to become a total of 3000 square meters.



In April 2015 Tovotec takes its first steps towards ever greater sustainability, with the purchase of a new fiber laser cutting machine. The new system features cutting-edge performance, both in terms of speed and acceleration, and in terms of consumption, much lower than a CO2 laser, thus allowing significant energy savings.


Subsequently, a cutting-edge punch laser machine and shearing and punching machine are purchased for the production department, both completely with no use of oil. They are our first machines that work interconnected with the office for 4.0.



After the important investments made in the first years of Tovotec, we focused on the development of the final phase of the product, which is welding and finishing, thus enhancing the high quality of the first part of the production cycle and making a well-finished product at 360 °.

Tovotec invests in two robotic systems, an anthropomorphic one for the latest generation mig and tig welding and a robotic system for the grinding and polishing of stainless steel.

IT restructuring


Additions and replacements continue, with a view to the continuous optimization of processing and updating of machinery.

The production slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic represents the perfect moment for implementing the IT development: the system restructuring project begins. All the innovative ideas for the management of company resources and work centers are channeled into a single platform called "I-work". It is the beginning of a new expansion and development project largely planned for 2022.

Certified quality 

UNI ISO EN 9001: 2015

The standard specifies the requirements of a company quality management system, through the ability to regularly supply products and services that meet customer requirements and increase the trust and satisfaction of its customers.