Processing technologies

tecnologie di lavorazione tovotec


We produce sheet metalwork products of variable shape, thickness, and batch, thanks to three different cutting technologies.

Mechanical processing

When the details are still flat, there is the possibility of intervening by carrying out mechanical machining of both chip removal and surface and/or perimeter finishing.

Metal bending

The pieces of metal fabrication vary according to three factors combined in infinite variations: size, shape, and thickness. These combination possibilities require different shaping technologies. Tovotec has a complete machine park that allows us to cover a wide range of combinations of dimensions, shape, and thickness of the metalworking, achieving high-quality manufacturing at competitive prices.

Metal welding

The welding operations require a very high level of precision, to guarantee the resistance of the piece without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. In Tovotec we are able to weld metal sheets using the equipment that best suits the success and needs of the final product. The company has achieved UNI-EN-ISO 3834-3-2006 certification for welding.


To complete the realization of the pieces, various small parts are used depending on the final product, such as stainless steel or aluminum rivets, various types of inserts or nuts.

Sheet metal surface finishing

The surface finishing of the pieces allows us to deliver a finished metalwork product to the customer. Each product requires different surface treatment, according to the material and the sector in which they will be used.

Tovotec is always active in updating and replacing sheet metalworking machinery, even if the machines are not yet obsolete. We are always looking for the best performing, sustainable solutions to meet the needs of its customers. The Tovotec's machine park is always equipped with innovative systems and its strong point is precisely the possibility of choosing the technology to use according to the product, materials, and production lot. All this gives Tovotec the versatility to be a valuable partner.